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Date: 16 December 2022

OCEAN featured in Baltic Transport Journal

“MARITIME: The OCEAN project. Re-drawing navigation systematically to make it safer – for people, ships, and animals”
by Fitzwilliam Scott

On 16 Dec 2022, Fitzwilliam Scott published this article in the Baltic Transport Journal. Navigational accidents at sea are infrequent, but even so, when they do happen, they can have a devastating effect.

He talks in detail about the OCEAN project and “why the European Commission has awarded Horizon Europe funding to the Operator-Centred Enhancement of Awareness in Navigation (OCEAN) project: to improve navigational safety for all vessels.”

To download the full article click CLICK HERE. (Note: Clicking the link will trigger a 284KB PDF download to your device)

image of the article
On 16 Dec 2022, the OCEAN project was featured on the Baltic Transport Journal.

To read the full article click CLICK HERE.

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