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Date: 29 May 2024

Optimisation of Navigation Webinar – The OCEAN Project

Optimisation of Navigation Webinar 29th May 2024

The OCEAN Project and The Nautical Institute hosted a webinar called “Optimisation of Navigation” on 29 May, 2024.

As part of this project (, OCEAN partner The Nautical Institute was tasked with researching training gaps that could be filled, bridging minimum training standards with operational examples from organisations and companies demonstrating excellent safety performance.

This has resulted in the production of seven training videos that are more than just another resource. They are free to use, practical tools designed to raise awareness of navigation best practices and provide better support to mariners through enhanced situational awareness. The videos aim to influence future training frameworks, supplement traditional MET courses with good practices, and better prepare maritime professionals for current and future challenges.

The objective was to create an engaging and informative training tool that captures the attention of the maritime audience while effectively delivering essential knowledge and insights. The impact will be seen in improved learning outcomes and viewer satisfaction, ensuring that the videos are effective in maritime education and training (MET).

These free short (5-7 min) videos cover essential topics, including:

Integrating these resources into existing training programs can better prepare individuals for modern challenges, improve safety and efficiency, and promote a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Use freely on YouTube or download the Licensee (Consent Form) to use the videos with copyright permission in a formal training environment. Organisations and institutions can utilize the videos to enhance knowledge and awareness on the various subject matter. The Licensee also allows using the videos in lectures, presentations, and educational sessions.

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Video run time 1 hr and 30 mins


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