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Date: 15 February 2024

IWC, The OCEAN Project: Capt. Aly Elsayed, AFNI

IWC, The OCEAN Project: Capt. Aly Elsayed, AFNI

The OCEAN Project is pleased to announce that Capt. Aly Elsayed, AFNI, Senior Technical Advisor at The Nautical Institute, a partner of the OCEAN project, has been recognised as a member of the International Whaling Commission’s Ship Strike Working Group (IWC).

Captain Aly Elasyed and the IWC

This collaboration will involve Captain Aly Elasyed working closely with the International Whaling Commission to share knowledge on shipping operations and explore ways to protect vulnerable whales.

The OCEAN Project employs advanced technology, such as satellite imagery, AI, hydrophones, and a user-friendly app to identify the location of whales and alert vessels of all sizes to protect them. Such protection helps the whales and supports the planet’s sustainability.

Unfortunately, ships strike whales on rare occasions, are a burden no seafarer wants. By better understanding whale behaviour and being alerted to their locations through the OCEAN Project techniques, we hope that whale strikes can be avoided and whales can continue to be celebrated for generations.

The ‘Ocean’ mIssion

To learn more about the OCEAN Project’s Mission for Maritime Safety, please visit the YouTube channel and watch the official launch video The OCEAN Project’s Mission for Maritime Safety.

Would you like to learn more about how you can get involved and join the OCEAN Project to help shape the future of maritime safety? You can find out more about becoming a stakeholder here.

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